Road Tripping

Our road trip begins here in New Jersey!IMG_1716
Packed the car feeling very hungry,
But, ready to explore this big beautiful country!
From start to finish it will take forty days,
Yes, it’s long, but I am strong. Don’t you wish you could tag along?
Smushed in the car isn’t so bad,
As long as I can write in my notepad.
Writing in my note-pad really made me think,
Hey, why not visit the Chicago Streets!2011 summer road trip #1 (Chicago) 581
Chicago is just one busy city,
There surely is pretty, with tons of activity!
From the observatory over the soaring city
I felt like a kite being so busy,
 it nearly made me dizzy!
After a rumble, I sure had a grumble and stopped on by
to the hotdog guy.
Chicago was a ton of fun, but our next stop
Will surely top this one!
 From the crowded city, now switched to open land, just summer 2011 road trip #3 255past the Badlands.
Four presidents’ heads peak out the mountains end.
Washington, Lincoln, Theodor, and Ben all share summer 2011 road trip #3 252
a beautiful memorial back then.
From the memorial to the land of geysers,
Next stop on this adventure is a place called Grand Teton, Yellowstone 070
Geysers, buffalo’s, bears oh my!
Animals and bugs everywhere,
Yellowstone July 2011 072 I think I am going to die!
Although I was grateful to see Old Faithful,
Blast into the sky like a rocket up so high.
Next thing I know it,
I’m in four places at once. Four Corners, Natural Bridges, Glen Canyon 2011 002
oh, what a great way to celebrate such a day!
It was my Birthday!
A birthday to commemorate, it started getting late so we ate a small pizzeria out of the state
Four Corners, Natural Bridges, Glen Canyon 2011 003 Although my birthday dinner wasn’t the best,
I still got to celebrate with some of the best!
Utah was surely hot oh my!
Meeting up with some friends what a surprise.
Park City Utah, Jackson Hole Wyoming 041Went zip-lining down a mountain so high,
As well as a roller coaster ride!
After the ride, we went for a swim,
I felt like I was a fish with a big fin. Park City Utah, Jackson Hole Wyoming 026
Utah was a blast of fun,
But next stop, California is sure to be the one!
Which I knew would definitely be fun!
The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t so golden, Muir forest San Francisco 076
In fact, it is red with Fort Point built below! Where the harbor was protected.
Not to mention that this city sure is chilly! oh, my it is still so pretty.
Our first day here was very foggy,
It made me feel so groggy! muir forest San Francisco 022
After some play at the park,
We visit a national park!
Muir Woods is full of tall redwood trees! We hide inside them could you picture these trees?
Our next stop is Hollywood!
Don’t you wish you could?
IMG_7579Hollywood is one big busy city,
Full of celebrities and tons of paparazzi!
Drive on by to Rodeo Drive, it’s the place I could not buy!
Make sure to stop on the walk of fame!california 080
Who knows, maybe you’ll see your name!
Next, we visit the famous sign,
Hollywood is not as big as it seemed! Maybe it’s just me!
Next thing I know it I’m surfing the waves California 172
So much fun I can barely behave!
Surfing sure is tough, but I get right back up!
Not only surfing is what I do,
I also visit some family by the San Diego Zoo!IMG_7385
Pandas, Polar Bears, Giraffes,  are so cute!
The best part was the sky ride, my sister almost puked!
After that, it was time to say goodbye Frown
Saying my goodbyes made me want to cry!
san Diego 037Wish I could stay and play all day!
But then it really was time to go.
Our next destination may be far,
I better rest up in the car.
I lay my head down on the soft pillow against the window.
Fall asleep while counting sheep.
Next thing I know it I’m already there, New MexicoCarillo, White Sands 2011 035
At The White Sands, here to play, sand sledding away, in hopes to stay all day!
Slowly walking up the sand mountain, Carillo, White Sands 2011 090
Once at the top I sit on my sled,
And get pushed down the mountain onto my head! Carillo, White Sands 2011 061
Tons of Sand in my eyes and much more!
But, I don’t care, I run back up for more!
After sand sledding, I started dreading where we were heading!
Back to the car, filled with sand, we ran.
Right to Texas!
Tornado’s and Dust Devils everywhere I see!
Hey look it’s a place that I’ve never seen!
Cadillac Ranch is the place to be! Carillo, White Sands 2011 169
We run through dust devils to see!!
Towards the Cadillac’s upright in the desert,
Grabbed a few cans to spray paint, inserted my name and made my mark!
Spray paint all over every car that was parked, what adventure!
Carillo, White Sands 2011 171Cadillac Ranch will always be remembered,
After so much fun I became undone,
As I woke up I heard the music of who?
Elvis you say, we must be in Graceland!Tennessee 072
We visited Elvis Presley’s House!
Oh, the biggest mansion I’ve ever seen,
Pool tables, Couches, rugs on the ceiling and the floors.
All made of feeling, I thought how bazaar? Tennessee 049
After some singing and dancing with Elvis,
We get right back on the road,
Next stop is by our home!
Boom, Boom the cannon set fire! Kentucky Gettysburg 114
We must have arrived in Gettysburg!
Land of the war that happened long ago,
Now just for learning and putting on reenactment shows!
We got a preview, of the people in action. kentucky Gettysburg 096 we became a distraction.
We brought my brothers ripped stuffed puppy, to the 20th-century seamstress lady, She sowed his puppy up with care in hopes he wouldn’t continue to tear.
The unplanned visit to Gettysburg was so much fun!
But next stop is home, and our trip is Kentucky Gettysburg 161almost done! 🙁
We’re finally home, Hurray, Hurray!
I flew in the house as fast as could be!
I’m finally home oh yes are we.
I quickly called all my friends you see!
Even though I had tons of fun! I still missed everyone!
Unpacking my bags, oh what joy, time for bed and rest my head.
The very next day, I awoke, I got my notepad and wrote,
Hey, why don’t we visit the Chicago Streets?

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