Flat Stanley and Darin hit the Road

Darin is now 10 years old  (he was 9 when they took the trip). He had mentioned something to his mom about Flat Stanley during the school year and she decided that it would be fun to have a Flat Stanley to take with them on their trip. Since she didn’t like to be in pictures, Flat Stanely could be her stand-in. She found a pattern online and from where he was born. Shortly after leaving town, Darin started talking to him and calling him Dude, so for the remainder of the trip, he was Dude.
They had a blast!

The trip was to her hometown for her high school reunion. She tried to stop at as many cool places as possible, not knowing when she would go back. Her favorite place was  Billy The Kid museum in Fort Sumner, NM, where she was able to give Darin some history of the area and Billy the Kid. He also watched two of her favorite movies (Young Guns 1 & 2) and learned the ‘Hollywood” version of him. “I’m not sure he thought Billy was as cool as I did – but I grew up in NM where he was taught in all of the history classes.” Dana (mom) stated. Darin was most excited to see his family.

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