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SimCity BuildIt Tips for Wind Turbines and Fire Stations

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One building game that will keep you entertained and occupied is SimCity BuildIt. It is the perfect game to unwind for the evening. The game can be played both online and offline and players can make use of in-game currency SimCash to make purchases and to sell things. It revolves around the city that you are building with you acting as the mayor of the city.

Tips for Wind Turbines

  • When you are picking the place to build your wind turbine, you will notice that where there is higher wind speed, a darker shade of blue appears while in other areas it will be the lighter blue shade. It is also worth noting that flatter areas tend to have lower wind speed when compared to the hillside areas.
  • In order to use the high wind speed areas to the best of their abilities, you can put your wind turbine dirt over the mountain by placing your power plant base in the flat lands. You will also notice that it is easier to fit small wind turbines in crannies and nooks of the mountain side.
  • In order to use wind turbine spaces, you can also link two power plants dirt road. If one plant is completely occupied and the other is not, you can always place more on the road.

Fire Station Tips

Fire helicopters are the most reliable way to control fires. However, they don’t get dispatched unless an attempt has been made by the fire trucks to reach the vicinity, but the traffic is causing a delay. However, if you are clever enough, you could get the helicopters called in immediately if you simply demolish the fire truck garages. Here is how you do it:

  • Place a large fire station
  • Demolish the smaller fire stations
  • Based on your affordability, add as many helipads as you can
  • Include a dispatch tower
  • Based on your affordability, add as many Fire Marshall Offices as you can.
  • Destroy the last fire truck garage which is attached to the large station that you just built.
  • You can also include the Hazmat Fire trucks if you have unlocked them as they don’t seem to stop the helicopters from dispatching.

If you want to buy more helicopters and don’t have enough SimCash, you could always use the simcity buildit cheats to get more of it. This will help you play the game more effectively by not wasting time on waiting to earn SimCash and focus on building and expanding your SimCity in order to provide shelter and better services to more Sims.

If you are just starting out, choose to buy a single helicopter first. When it comes to fire helicopters, they will literally eat through your SimCash and will leave you high and dry. So start with one and expand when you can. If your fire helicopters stop taking off, you can simply demolish the helipad and rebuild it again to make it function properly.

Useful Tips For Rookies In Pixel Gun 3D Game To Play Effectively

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If you are new to the Pixel Gun 3D gaming world then you must at times feel lost and wonder what to do next to proceed further with the game. Therefore, it is better that you know about the game first and then follow some simple but useful tips to play it effectively. You must know first that this game is probably the most fascinating and wonderful shooting game. It is also the most popular FPS when played in an active multiplayer level mode. Once you get the feeling of it then the attractive features of the game will compel you to play it more frequently. So, follow the simple tips that follow to play the game successfully and gain enough experience in it.

Selection of weapons is the most important thing in Pixel Gun 3D as it is a shooting game and the basic principle of the game is to shoot your enemy to make the maximum number of kills and to survive their attacks as well. You have to follow the simple principle of shooting, jumping and reloading and then shooting again to proceed with the game. But the selection of weapons is an important and major decision to take as different weapons have different specifications, mobility, and ability to cause damage and takes different time to reload.

When you start to play Pixel Gun 3D game you will be provided with some free weapons which are called the starter weapons. This range of free weapons include Simple shotgun, a simple machine gun, combat knife, pixel gun and a sniper rifle as well. You will also be provided with a light wooden armor after you complete successfully the simple tutorial built in the game. Once you reach to the second level you will also get the ability to unlock some more free weapons like the simple flame thrower and a signal pistol.

There are a plethora of weapons in the game as you will see as you proceed further which you will have to obtain wither by unlocking or by buying with the game’s currency. Therefore, to have enough currency in hand at all times is imperative while playing the game. You can generate unlimited currency with the help of the tricks which is very useful for this purpose as well as for learning a few tips and tricks of getting pixel gun 3d free coins.

Be on the move always while playing Pixel Gun 3D game to avoid being hit by your enemies. While aiming you must aim for the head of the enemy to cause twice the damage and shoot while they are not moving up and down. Use the machine gun at close range as it has low capacity, same with the shotgun as it takes long time to reload, and use your pixel gun for its accuracy, mobility, attaching speed and short reloading time. Use combat knife only in knife party, and do not use the flamethrower at all for its limited lethality. You can use only the sniper rifle for long range shooting and not the shotgun even for its bullet travel time is slow and it is a two shooter gun. Use your rocket jumping weapon for high blast when shooting downwards.