Tipson Road Tripping

It’s no longer a vacation. It’s a quest. A quest for fun!

Flat Stanley and Darin hit the Road

Flat Stanley and Darin hit the Road (Click on the photo to see his adventure) Darin is now 10 years old  (he was 9 when they took the trip). He had mentioned something to his mom about Flat Stanley …

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Road Tripping

“Road Trip” Our road trip begins here in New Jersey! Packed the car feeling very hungry, But, ready to explore this big beautiful country! From start to finish it will take forty days, Yes it’s long, but I am …

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Flat Stanley Goes Road Tripping

We were so excited when our daughter Hannah came home from school with Flat Stanley! Flat Stanley was a great addition to our family as we shared the same excitement for travel. We were on a mission, not only to …

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Nonsense at Yellowstone NP

From our KIDS CORNER By:Rebecca Ross Nonsense at Yellowstone National Park! A visitor asks, “Where’s my camera?” An innocent bystander complained, “Someone took my car!” A little boy cried, “Where are my shiny blue sunglasses?” Wow, what’s going on, a …

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Princess Bride Trivia

Featured guests, “TipsonRoadTripping! “ If you are local sign up, See you there! Stay tuned for our blog! Wine specials for this night only: William Hill Chardonnay at 14.50 per bottle Mirassou Chardonnay at 12.50 per bottle Mirassou Merlot at …

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Packing Tip

How useful Ziploc ’s XXL bags are while road tripping? Last year our family went on a 40-day road trip. This year a 21-day road trip. You can imagine how many clothes we would need to pack for 6 …

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